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Over the past year, we have started conversations with knitters across the country. We have held initial zoom and in-person meetings with all to gauge their presence on screen and approach to communication and sharing. Additionally, we are in touch with various shop owners, refurbishers, magazine publishers, educators, students and more who may support the project as it grows.

Annie Lee Larson
ALL Knitwear 
Knitter, Educator
Diana Sullivan
Knitter, Author, Educator
Jacques Agbobly
Knitter, Designer
Susan Guagliumi
Hand-Manipulated Stitches
Knitter, Author, Educator
Charlene Shafer.jpg
Lindsay Degen
DEGEN // Knit.Club
Knitter, Educator
Charlene Shafer
The Knit Knack Shop
Knitter, Supplier

“The Domestic Machine” juxtaposes the knitters of older generations with knitters of younger ones. Throughout the film, we will meet people in both groups, in their homes and workspaces. The film will conclude with a gathering of everyone: A cross-generational bridge founded on a shared love and commitment to a niche craft.

Our Team:

Produced in collaboration between Craftwork Collective and Indigo Collective, our team has diverse backgrounds and skills. We also have a history of collaborating with one another on various projects and have honed working methods that support effective teamwork and exciting output.

Victoria Manganiello
Craftwork Collective
Executive Producer
Messier_Nicole_Portrait(Main Image).png
Nicole Yi Messier
Craftwork Collective
Executive Producer
Rikki Porter
Indigo Collective
Director of Photography
Josh Greenwood
Indigo Collective
Story Producer
Nick Jaco Collins 
Indigo Collective
Executive Producer
Tatianna Fenner
Indigo Collective
Line Producer
Screen Shot 2023-03-02 at 2.10.41 PM.png

Created By
Victoria Manganiello
& Nicole Yi Messier

Nicole Yi Messier is an esteemed creative technologist and new media artist;

Victoria Manganiello is a distinguished artist and professor of textiles. And in their work, as educators and community organizers, they have developed self-taught practices within the scope of the other's field of expertise. Years of friendship and collaboration have been spent skill swapping, sharing techniques in weaving, programming, and design work. Further, their shared passion for intersecting histories (and futures) of textiles and technology is what sparked the curiosity they found in machine knitting. Embarking on this journey, which is somehow a celebration of the larger ways crafters have always utilized community and dialogue to preserve their knowledge for future generations, examines how the internet has somehow become a location for knitters to know one another and make, together despite sometimes vast physical distance; Victoria and Nicole see technology as the future for textiles and just as clearly, they see textiles as the future for technology.

Our Audience:

Craft Enthusiasts from various media will be interested in the ways craft is discussed and documented; They will be excited to see their own and adjacent communities being spotlighted.


Feminists and others interested in reimagining what "women's work" can be will naturally engage with this story and the vantage points it creates for understanding feminized work.


Internet Fanatics along with other unconventional storytellers will be excited to see a niche and unique form of information archiving and join our speculative conversation around what an archive can be.


Those Given to Nostalgia or whom long for a time past will appreciate the cross-generational kinship celebrated in this film.

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